About Us

We provide the following aircraft modification services:

  • STC Certifications
  • Aircraft Interior Refurbishment
  • FAA Authorized Inspector
  • Electrical Systems Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Interior Design.
  • Cabinet Manufacture
  • Green Aircraft inspection and Acceptance

We are dealers for the following avionics suppliers:

  • CMC Electronics- Electronic Flight Bags www.cmcelectronics.ca
  • Max-Viz- Enhanced Vision Systems www.max-viz.com
  • WSI- Satellite In-Flight Weather Systems www.wsi.com
  • EMS- High Speed Data Satcoms www.emssatcom.com
  • ICG-Iridium Satellite Based Telephones www.icg.aero
  • XM Weather System www.heads-up.com
  • Avidyne Satellite Weather Systems www.avidyne.com

EFB Dealer of the Year







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