Challenger 300 Satcom SB200 Swift Broadband System

Cobham Satcom SB200 Swift Broadband System on a Challenger 300.

The Cobham Swift Broadband Satcom System provides for laptop connectivity via two ethernet connections in the cabin and cockpit area for connection to customer-supplied laptops and other devices.  The system consists of just three elements, a Receiver Transmitter, a combined High power/Low Noise Amplifier, and a Low-gain Antenna (LGA).  The light weight system provides airborne internet and e-mail connectivity via Inmarsat’s I-4 global satellite coverage.  Speeds up to 200Kbs are possible with this system within the service area coverage as defined by Inmarsat.

Due to the innovative engineering design, this system takes no space in the cabin and can be installed in less than one week. It is the least expensive Inmarsat Swift Broadband system available on the market today.