Challenger 604 Aspire 200HG Satcom System

Installation of the EMS HONEYWELL ASPIRE 200HG Satcom system on a Challenger 604

An EMS – HONEYWELL Swift broadband satcom system for Smartphone, Laptop and Electronic Flight Bag connectivity was recently installed by ABC Completions on two Challenger 604’s.  This system consists of five main elements; an AMT-700 antenna, a Receiver Transmitter (HDU-200), a combined High power/Low Noise Amplifier (IPLD), a router cabin PBX (CCU-100) and an accelerator (CNX-200).  This system provides airborne Wi-Fi and Ethernet Internet, e-mail and telephone connectivity via Inmarsat’s I-4 global satellite coverage. Inmarsat speed is up to 432 Kbs.  With acceleration, peak speeds of up to 864kbs (2 x 432Kbs) are possible.