Cobham Satcom SB200 Swift Broadband System on a Challenger 300.

The Cobham Swift Broadband System provides for laptop connectivity via two ethernet connections in the cabin and cockpit area for connection to customer-supplied laptops and other devices.  The system consists of just three elements, a Receiver Transmitter, a combined High power/Low Noise Amplifier, and a Low-gain Antenna (LGA).  The light weight system provides airborne internet and e-mail connectivity via Inmarsat’s I-4 global satellite coverage.  Speeds up to 200Kbs are possible with this system within the service area coverage as defined by Inmarsat.

Due to the innovative engineering design, this system takes no space in the cabin and can be installed in less than one week. It is the least expensive Inmarsat Swift Broadband system available on the market today.

EMS HONEYWELL ASPIRE 200HG system on a Challenger 604

An EMS – HONEYWELL Swift broadband system for Smartphone, Laptop and Electronic Flight Bag connectivity was recently installed by ABC Completions on two Challenger 604’s.  This system consists of five main elements; an AMT-700 antenna, a Receiver Transmitter (HDU-200), a combined High power/Low Noise Amplifier (IPLD), a router cabin PBX (CCU-100) and an accelerator (CNX-200).  This system provides airborne Wi-Fi and Ethernet Internet, e-mail and telephone connectivity via Inmarsat’s I-4 global satellite coverage. Inmarsat speed is up to 432 Kbs.  With acceleration, peak speeds of up to 864kbs (2 x 432Kbs) are possible.  An STC is expected shortly.

ICG ICS120A Iridium Communications System installed on a Challenger 604

An ICG NxtLink Iridium Communications system was just installed on a Challenger 604. This system is designed to specifically provide the flight crew with AOC and ATS messaging.  It contains a single channel Short Burst Data (SBD) to support ACARS, FANS messaging and CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communication).

The light weight system comprises of a Transceiver and a small 3” diameter antenna installed in the upper aft fuselage.  No cabin space is used for this equipment.  This system is the most cost-effective way to provide worldwide coverage for ATC messaging and is designed for use with CPDLC.

Worldwide Weather

Worldwide Weather can now be displayed onto the CMC Electronics CMA-1100 Electronic Flight Bag in high resolution color graphics via the Avidyne MLX-770. ABC Completions has worked with CMC and Avidyne to make this new system possible. No longer are you limited to receiving graphical weather in just North America! Get weather radar information for Australia! Check out a storm over the mediterranean! Get cloud cover for Brazil. This is truly a worldwide system using the Iridium constellation of satellites for reception of signals. See details in the “satellite weather” tab.

MLX770 Satellite Weather System (Worldwide)

The system comprises an Avidyne MLX770 transceiver and an antenna. Weather information is requested via the on-screen display and data from the Satellite are received and processed by the transceiver. Weather information is displayed on each of the existing CMC PilotViewTM EFB’s.  Software to be installed in each EFB provides the Graphical User Interface (GUI) to allow the user to navigate through the various services and menus available via the Touch Screen. The transceiver will feed both EFB’s with weather data. The Avidyne system uses the Iridium constellation of satellites and provides ground and airborne coverage Worldwide.

Flight plan routes are entered by using the touch screen by pointing to departure and arrival points and any desired interim waypoints, thus avoiding time-consuming entry of the route of flight.

Weather information is collected from the Avidyne Network Operations Center (NOC) for a 100-400 NM (user selectable) radius along the entire route of flight. This uses the resources optimally without receiving unnecessary information.

XM Weather XMT-075 (North America)

XM WX Weather data service Now you can receive comprehensive graphical weather displays on your EFB. Multiple weather conditions similar to those shown over the internet or on TV weather reports can be shown in near real-time. North America XM WX gives you the ability to view weather across the U.S. at a glance, as well as the flexibility to zero in on any specific location you need – all you have to do is identify the area you want and zoom into it.

Comprehensive XM WX Service Suite The full XM WX Weather Data service suite currently includes over 20 different weather profiles including:

  • Precipitation rate and Type (at surface)
  • Wind, surface to altitude in 3000 increments
  • Visibility
  • Severe Weather Storm Tracks and country warnings
  • Cloud coverage
  • Metars & Taf”s