Swift Broadband Satcom

Swift Broadband High Speed Satcom Data Solution:

  • What does this do? It provides Internet access for web browsing and email in your aircraft. System can also be configured for voice calls. Works worldwide and at all altitudes.
  • How does it work? Our Airswift system uses  Cobham’s SB200 system and Inmarsat’s worldwide Swift Broadband service.
  • How does ABC Completions engineer it into the aircraft? Our mobile team comes to your location so you do not need to reposition the aircraft (please see Mobile Installation Team section).
  • How much does it cost? You pay by the mb-($7.95/mb) You only pay when sending and receiving data.
  • Installation and equipment are the least expensive in the business due to our low overhead and Cobham’s great pricing.
  • Please refer to the world map below for areas of coverage for this system.

SB200 Swift Broadband SystemThe SB200 SwiftBroadband System is Cobham’s lightest, smallest and lowest-cost SwiftBroadband solution. It includes a Low Gain Antenna, Satellite Data Unit, and combined High Power Amplifier/Diplexer/Low Noise Amplifier to deliver up to 200kbps via a single channel. Unlike competitive systems, the SB200 has built-in GPS capabilities, eliminating the need for an ARINC 429 connection. The SB200 supports applications such as VPN, e-mail, telephone and internet browsing.