Boeing BBJ/757

757 iPad mount installation shown in landscape mode
757 iPad mount installation shown in Landscape mode

Boeing 757 iPad Cockpit Mounting System

The new STC FAA ST04068NY provides the necessary approvals to install an iPad mounting system in the Boeing 757. The installation builds on our successes on other airplane types and includes many features found on these installations. These include full travel in tilt (up-down), sweep (left, right) and a 90 degree rotation. These features take advantage of the automatic portrait and landscape function of the iPad® when using Jeppesen’s charting software. The custom-designed mount for the B757 is designed to attach to the existing chartholder on the flight deck side window.

The system can be purchased as a complete kit for installation by an MRO or by the ABC Completions MobileTeam.

Boeing 757 iPad Mounting System
Boeing 757 Chartholder iPad Mounting System

Boeing BBJ EFB Cockpit Mounting System

ABC Completions offers certified solutions for the CMA-1410 Class II Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). These displays are designed to be replacements for the previous generation CMA-1100.

CMA-1410 Class 2 EFB’s consist of two components: the Electronic Display Units (EDUs) which are mounted on the window assembly with the ABC Completions custom-designed bracket which has a swivel joint to allow for a comfortable viewing position. The window remains fully functional with the EFB installed and has been strengthened to support the additional weight. A quick release latch is provided for removal of the unit. The Expansion Module Units (EEMUs) are mounted in the side consoles. Interconnections are made through these units for FMS position, power etc.

The CMA-1410 features a 10.4″ screen that allows approach plates and airport diagrams to be displayed full size.  This minimizes panning and zooming.  This display provides an exceptionally clear and bright image in all ambient lighting conditions that is also very suitable for viewing en route charts from Jeppesen’s™ Flitedeck.
There is an on-screen virtual keyboard for all applications requiring data entry.