Falcon 2000 iPad® Cockpit Mounting System

Falcon iPad Installation
Falcon iPad Installation

The ABC Completions Inc. custom-designed articulating F2000 Mounts are located on each flight compartment side console. The Mounts are installed using the existing structure on the forward end of each side console.  A universal joint allows display units to be adjusted for a comfortable viewing position.

10.4″ EFB’s on the Falcon 2000

Falcon landscape view of electronic flight bags EFB's
Landscape View of Falcon 2000 Electronic Flight Bags EFB’s

CMA-1410 Class 2 EFB’s consist of two components. The Electronic Display Units (EDUs) which are mounted above the side consoles.  The ABC Completions custom-designed bracket has a swivel joint. This allows for a comfortable viewing position.  A quick release latch is provided for removal of the unit.

The Expansion Module Units (EEMUs) are mounted in the avionics bay. Interconnection is made through this unit for FMS position, power etc.

The CMA-1410 features a 10.4″ screen. Approach plates and airport diagrams can be displayed full size, minimizing panning and zooming.  The design of the mount enables the display to be placed in both landscape and portrait positions. The display provides an exceptionally clear and bright image in all ambient lighting conditions.