Bombardier Global Express/5000/6000

Now available 8130-3 airworthiness certification!

iPad® Cockpit Mounting System

ABC Completions holds FAA, TCCA and EASA STC certifications for the installation of the iPad® Cockpit Mounting System as a Class II EFB on the Bombardier Global series aircraft. All installations are certified for use in all phases of flight.

The ABC Completions iPad® cockpit mounting system includes a custom designed Mount and iPad® Housing. It also includes the DAC International GDC64 Tablet Aircraft Interface Unit (TAIU) that provides the necessary power to supply the iPad®.  The TAIU also converts the aircraft position data for use by the iPad. All associated certification and supporting data is supplied ensuring airworthiness compliance. Can be purchased as a complete kit for installation by an MRO or by the ABC Completions MobileTeam.

Please see our iPad Cockpit Mounting System page for more details

CMA-1310 and CMA-1410 EFBs

CMA-1410 Class 2 EFBs consist of two components: the Electronic Display Units (EDUs) are mounted above the side consoles with a custom-designed bracket featuring a swivel joint to allow for a comfortable viewing position.  A quick release latch is provided for removal of the unit.

Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s), EASA (European) FAA and TCCA are available for the Global Series aircraft.

Please see our CMC EFB page for more details

EVS Installation

The EVS camera is mounted in a composite aerodynamic fairing. The fairing mounts on the Tip Fairing located on the upper part of the vertical stabilizer. The power supply is on a quick release support. This is installed adjacent to the camera. It is accessible for service with the tip fairing in place. The EVS image is displayed on a compatible iPad® or Electronic Flight Bag.

EVS 1500 View
EVS 1500 View